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Additive manufacturing / 3D printing:
Laser sintering – now with
stainless steel, titanium, Aluminium
and steel

Additive manufacturing / 3D printing:
Laser sintering – now with
stainless steel, titanium, Aluminium
and steel

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Jung & Co.: The 7 advantages of our CNC contract manufacturing and module production services

We have summarised on one page what you can rely on at Jung & Co.:
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Additive manufacturing is ideally suited to the aviation industry or mechanical engineering as well as use in medical technology companies

Through additive manufacturing – frequently known as 3D printing – in stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and steel, we are now offering a professional production process for applications where conventional methods of production for these materials reach their limits. Innovative laser sintering enables the complex production of high-precision contours, geometries and any kind of free-form surface. Additive manufacturing now gives you much greater design freedom for your components and assemblies.

A lot of people associate additive manufacturing with plastics and rapid prototyping. However, laser sintering at Jung & Co. extends far beyond single part production as it allows small production runs or mid-sized batches of components to be produced very economically.

Capability characteristics:

Multi-laser system M2
(manufacturer: CONCEPTLASER)

Power:                              2x400 W
Processing range:           250x250x280 mm (x, y, z)

Materials that can be processed: 

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminium
  • Steel (including tool steel)

Please provide details of your precise material requirements in your inquiry.  An STL-compatible 3D model is needed for processing. Production and documentation with batch traceability is possible and evidence can be provided in the form of a restamping certificate.

Depending on the component requirements, we can add powerful CNC production to additive manufacturing. This allows say the necessary threads, fits and even demanding shape and position tolerances to then be produced.

We perform the measurements needed during production on our coordinate measuring machine, i.e. on 3D measuring devices. Free-form surfaces produced are also measured in a tactile manner on these systems by scanning.

Jung & Co. offers an extensive range of services and can thereby combine modern additive manufacturing with tried and tested CNC production and measuring technology. We are happy to provide one-to-one advice on what additive manufacturing can do for you or please send your request by email to info[at]jung-co.de.

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