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Sharing our expert knowledge and expertise:
Sophisticated production
technology far beyond the norm

Sharing our expert knowledge and expertise:
Sophisticated production
technology far beyond the norm

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Jung & Co.: The 7 advantages of our CNC contract manufacturing and module production services

We have summarised on one page what you can rely on at Jung & Co.:
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From plant engineering to wind energy – we are at home in many industries

We have over 45 years' experience of machining stainless steel, aluminium and high-strength materials. In our role as a contract manufacturer, there are practically no industries which we have not yet supplied. Our focus doesn't just lie on the industries listed below. In fact, with our highly qualified team, our well-founded materials knowledge and state-of-the-art machinery, we are more than able to fulfil the most complex of individual customer demands, whether it's producing component parts or assembling modules.

Our inter-industry approach helps us realise our customers' demands. As such it makes sense – and is highly efficient for us – to transfer our specialist knowledge of, for example, the pharmaceutical industry to our clients in the medical engineering sector. This exchange of expertise is a way of life at Jung & Co. These sectors we have listed are just an example – if you work in another industry, we would love for you to put our expertise to the test!

Beverage and food industries
Beverage and food industries

Jung & Co. have been an experienced and competent partner to manufacturers in the food and beverage filling machine industries for 30 years. For example, for this industry we manufacture many formative component parts for filling machines with the highest possible precision. When producing challenging component parts with heavy machining, we employ our flat processing machines. These excel at very high performance with minimal vibrations. This enables us to realise processes which produce a high-quality surface finish despite high cutting demand.

At Jung & Co. we exclusively use certified materials which are traceable to source. We boast decades-long experience in the processing of stainless steel, aluminium and high-strength materials.

  • Precise, formative component parts
  • Certified materials, in particular stainless steel and aluminium
  • Meeting the demands of hygienic design
  • Procedures conform to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and AD 2000
  • Authorisation to restamp materials and products
Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Being able to trace processes and materials is particularly important for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. At Jung & Co., we work as transparently as possible, with comprehensive and documented quality checks. Typical of our services is the supply of precise transmission technology for pipeline construction in industrial plants (e.g. TT extensions in stainless steel) to the chemical industry and providing conveyor systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Transparent procedures and documented quality checks
  • Guaranteed conformity to the pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and AD 2000
  • Restamping authorisation for materials and products
Plant engineering
Plant engineering

Within the field of plant engineering, Jung & Co. have been specialists in valves for decades. We produce components in-house, in particular for use in hydraulic or pneumatic equipment with high pressure loads. The highest quality surface finishes and maximum dimensional accuracy are considerable factors for disruption-free operation.

If needed or requested, we are also happy to support our customers in the construction phase, for example by looking at tolerances, precision and service life under extreme pressures over and above usual production parameters.

At Jung & Co., we offer particular experience and competence in the application of stainless steels. Manufacturers and processors of inert gases or acids, e.g. sulphuric or hydrochloric acid can draw on our expert knowledge in the processing of special materials such as Hastelloy, Inconel or Monel.

  • Experts in valve technology for hydraulic or pneumatic equipment
  • Construction support if required by our customers
  • Experience and expertise with a wide variety of stainless steel alloys
  • Processing of special materials such as Hastelloy, Inconel or Monel
Extraction industry - crude oil and gas
Extraction industry - crude oil and gas

When highly-sophisticated and complex component parts are installed at extreme depths, the customer expects nothing less than perfection as well as excellent service life from the component part. This can only happen when pieces are produced in the centre of tolerance. At Jung & Co., we offer our customers in the crude oil and natural gas industries this meticulous precision, increased process reliability in product manufacture and full traceability with impeccable documentation.

We use predominantly high-strength, extra-resilient materials which offer the user the longest possible maintenance intervals.

  • Realisation of highly-sophisticated, complex component parts
  • Custom-made and meticulous precision by producing pieces in the centre of tolerance
  • Low-maintenance thanks to the use of optimal, resilient materials
Aerospace industry
Aerospace industry

Jung & Co. is a reliable partner for systems suppliers to the aerospace industry. Decades of experience in the processing of stainless steels and aluminium, continually excellent quality and the practice of filing impeccable documentation for fixed processes were decisive when it came to us being commissioned in this field. At Jung & Co., we offer aviation-compliant product realisation in terms of:

  • Extensive production planning
  • Transparent and documented materials logistics (procurement, warehousing, traceability)
  • Process reliability in production
  • Quality management with quality assurance at every stage
  • Impeccable documentation including First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Archiving the documentation supporting dimensional and material certification for over 30 years
  • Meeting additional aviation-specific demands
Wind energy
Wind energy

Component parts which are used in wind turbines are continuously subjected to the highest of material stresses and, for maintenance purposes, can only be reached with a great deal of effort. So it is particularly important that our component parts have a long service life and are as low-maintenance as possible, and that the best quality materials are used in their manufacture. This is why their mechanical qualities are constantly checked during the production phase (surface crack testing). As well as parts for drive and transmission technology, at Jung & Co. we also produce other components, for example resilient and corrosion-resistant equipment for recording system electronics.

  • Use of low-maintenance component parts with long service life
  • Use of crack-proof materials
  • Production of a wide variety of components as well as drive and transfer technology

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