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Tradition & Future
"From the lathe to the
CNC processing centre"

Tradition & Future
"From the lathe to the
CNC processing centre"

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Jung & Co.: The 7 advantages of our CNC contract manufacturing and module production services

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Always heading towards the future

The company was founded on 1 January 1972 by Hans Jung. In the early years, conventional lathes were used for processing metal and stainless steel. The successful realisation of the first contracts developed from this technical base. Work came in from the plant engineering and shipbuilding industries, which at the time were widespread in Hamburg.

High-quality workmanship and the strictest of tolerances

Our strategy of producing high-quality work to draw in equally high-quality clients has proven successful. On the tail of the dockyard contracts, contracts soon followed from the navy: replacement parts that must be produced in the centre of tolerance as well as being able to withstand the strictest quality tests.

High process reliability thanks to CNC production

For Hans Jung, entrepreneurial vision and the willingness to take risks went hand-in-hand. The end of the 70s saw the installation of one of the first modern CNC machines in Northern Germany; back then, ticker tape was used to run the CNC programmes.

Branching out into other industries and component assembly

One of Hans Jung's guiding principles was to set himself up precisely where others had failed. It was his inclination towards precision and his technical curiosity just as much as his close partnerships with his customers that soon took him to the next level. This is what led the company into specialising in the food and beverage industries. The combination of the need for exacting precision and high-quality raw materials in this industry surpassed the standards Jung & Co. had set for themselves. By this point, there were 12 people employed at the plant in Kummerfeld, Pinneberg. Alongside contract manufacturing, the company also began to offer component assembly. This meant that not only individual components but also complete, ready-to-install modules could be supplied; modules like the valve technology used in the beverage industry.

Our speciality: Stainless steel processing

Jung & Co. has a decades-long history of competence in stainless steel processing, of expertise in working with high-quality materials subject to strict hygiene requirements, as well as retaining the "authorisation to restamp".

Becoming responsible for the future by offering apprenticeships

Over the course of the 80s, Hans Jung decided that the company should take on some responsibility for developing new careers and start offering apprenticeships. He also wanted to share his own delight in his vocation and offer the next generation a future. In the same decade, the company also pursued other opportunities: thanks to close and reliable collaboration with clients, Jung & Co. was also able to offer support in design and construction; materials and product knowledge resulted in productive synergies. The firm continued to develop and by 1990, employed 20 people.

Relocation and certified quality management

In 1994, the company's site at Bundesstraße in Kummerfeld became too small. Relocation to new buildings in Auweg began in 1995, with a staff that had grown to 35 and who in the meantime had been working to capacity thanks to new contracts that had come in from the automotive industry. As a direct consequence of the quality-oriented company philosophy – and despite the easily manageable size of the company – a system for quality management had already been developed and was awarded DIN EN ISO 9001 certification in 1996.

Expanding into beverage filling machines

1997 saw the founding of FAS Füllanlagenservice GmbHfor beverage filling machines. Given Jung & Co.'s history and experience of precision production, a replacement parts supply service was also offered, allowing the efficient production of special, customised solutions. Over the intervening 15 years, FAS has become proud to count several of the most well-known companies from the beverage industry among its worldwide customer base.

Healthy growth and state-of-the-art CNC technology

Jung & Co. have always invested, and continue to invest, in the future. It was at the plant in Kummerfeld where multiple, innovative CNC machines and processing centres were installed for the first time in Northern Germany. In 2005, the company boasted 55 employees and its principle of quality remained intact. The expertise of Jung & Co. was well-regarded in the market and new industries, such as the oil industry, started to open up.

The founding of Jung Process Systems GmbH

In 2009 the Group was further expanded when Jung Process Systems GmbH was founded, rightly justifying the use of the term 'the Jung Group'. Jung Process Systems develop and distribute hygienic stainless steel twin srew pumps across the world, under the brand name HYGHSPIN.

Anke Jung leads Jung & Co. into a new chapter in its history

Anke Jung, the daughter of the company's founder, began her journey at Jung & Co. back in 1996. Since 2001 she has been part of the Management Board, managing the company alongside Hans Jung for the past 15 years. Since 2014, together with other experienced Directors, she continues to guide the company with great consistency along its innovative and vision-led course.

With additive manufacturing and a new building, Jung & Co. has its sights firmly on the future

By introducing additive manufacturing with a focus on stainless steel, titanium, aluminium and steel, Jung & Co. is offering an additional, forward-looking technology for jobs where conventional production methods reach their limits. Innovative laser sintering enables the complex production of high-complexity contours, geometries and any kind of free-form surface. Our premises needed to be extended to accommodate this and additional manufacturing technology. We therefore inaugurated a new building in 2016, which provides a total of 1,200 sq m of space for assembly workplaces and test rigs, as well as for component storage.

Further competencies within the Jung Group:

HYGHSPIN twin srew pumps:

Service for Bottling and Canning Lines:


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